The Rare Breeds Ranch Paint horses have been bred with a purpose in mind.  To breed the best horses we could with available means.  Horses bred to perform, with quality enough to earn halter points as well.

The purchase of an AQHA Stallion, "Peggy's Lad" by "Bay Leo" by "Leo", while Marlin was still in High School and breeding him to a black overo mare was the very beginning of our Paint Horse 'love affair'!  Seriously breeding paint horses and concentrating on black and white's came a few years later, thus our program has evolved over the past 40 years.

There have been several stand out horses whose names you will see in the pedigrees.  The pedigrees appear on the reference sire pages.

"Lucky Dragon" a 16+ hands black overo stallion going back to "Joe Reed" is one in particular.  He put the element of size into his offspring.  The Weiscamp bred mare, "Miss Hereford" is another as she was a mare producer and her daughters and grand daughters appear often.

"Mr. Blackjack" by "Jack 'N Around" by "Flying Fawago", black overo, a heavily muscled stallion, left his mark on the '80's with muscle and good heads.  He was followed by "MN Deal Me Aces" who left a rare and special mark on our breeding program from 1991 on.  This black and white overo horse carries the Weiscamp line of "Buzz Bar Jr" by "Buzz Bar" by "Three Bars".  Yes, "Three Bars" shows directly on his registration certificate.  A U C Davis tested Non-Lethal producer, "Papa" as we fondly called him, presented our herd with the element of the Sabino color pattern, good disposition, clean necks and balance.

Another Reference Sire is "Rebel's Destiny".  A Halter Point earner, "Rebel" has placed at the Denver National Western, Oklahoma State Fair, Fort Worth Stock Show, and OBWC (Black & White Club) "All Around" High Point Stallion.  His sire "Senor Rebel" also a 16.1 hand black and white Tobiano was sired by "Mr. Rebel" by "Rebel Bars".  Both of these earned a number of points in halter and performance in their time.

"NTS Strippin Rebel", a 16 hand 1450 pound black and white Tovero sire we raised and sired by "Rebel's Destiny".  "Stripper" as we fondly call him sired many foals for Rare Breeds Ranch before he was sold to Criadero De Caballos Caliente owned by Jorge Hank Rohn, at that time Mayor of Tijuiana, Mexico.  The "Stripper" foals have been very good minded horses to ride and train, a pleasure to work and develop.

"MNS Iron Hawk" is a wildly colored black and white Homozygous Tovero son of "NTS Strippin Rebel" who carried on the "Stripper" line for us for several years and produced yet another group of great natured paints.  "MNS Iron Hawk" has been sold to a lady in Mexico to use in her paint breeding program.

Current Stallions include "Mr. Ringo Starr" HYPNN black and white Tobiano, a handsome horse with a great disposition who sires foals of great disposition as well.  His sire was "Ratchetts Ghost" by "Impressed" and his dam is "Hazards County Rose" AQHA.

"MNS Buckshot Leo", a heavily muscled Buckskin Tobiano stallion, stands 14.1 hands.  We use him to produce a few smaller horses for youth or for older riders.  He has a tremendous foundation paint pedigree with a combination of many old greats of the breed.  His mamma is an all around family horse that we like to ride.  "Buckshot" has a great disposition and is bred to rein and cut.  "MNS Gold Dollar" is a Palomino Overo stallion of "MNS Buckshot Leo".  "Dollar" has sired a number of Overo foals that are muscular, balanced and a of pleasing disposition.

The current stallions have added more color along with continuing muscle, good heads and necks and disposition.

Young stallions waiting in the wings to prove their abilities include "NTS Tony the Tiger", sired by Laura McKenny's champion stallion, "Cody's Tiger Jet", of Belle Fouche, South Dakota and born to our mare, "NTS Scarlet Stripper".

We have added yet another element of breeding interest with the inclusion of several AQHA mares of cutting and reigning lines.  "NTS Painted Gunsmoke" is the offspring  of "MNS Iron Hawk" (Homozygous) and "Twice Smoken Georgia" (AQHA Gunsmoke bloodlines).  "Painted Gunsmoke" is a wildly patterned, 15.3 hands, bay and white tovero stallion with a great disposition.  We will show you the offspring of these young stallions in the future.

 An exciting young stallion being used on the overo part of our mares in 2008 is "MNS Coal Train", a 16+ hand black and white overo by "MNS Strippin Rebel" out of "MNS Burning Love" by "Mr. Black Jack" and out of  a "Lucky Dragon" dam.

While we have not activly pursued the show ring for many years, the horses of Rare Breeds Ranch have been shown to championships, and earned many points, etc. 

The name Rare Breeds Ranch comes from another facet of our lives - Our interest in rare and exotic breeds and species of animals and the publishing of Rare Breeds Journal.

In the fall of 1990 we left our native area of western North Dakota and came to this beautiful Pine Ridge Country of Nebraska to continue our breeding of Paints in an area that would have a bit warmer climate and more available to grasslands.

The breeding of these black and whites (and a few other colors to!) has been a challenge through the years, it is possibly the most difficult criteria of all in the breeding of Paint Horses.  Our horses have many generations of black and white behind them and have a much stronger ability to pass on these colors than horses
with less concentration of these colors.  If you are seeking breeding horses for your program you will find Rare Breeds Ranch bloodlines will be an asset.

While color has been a part of our goal, it would be to no avail, without quality and putting it all togeather makes a great challenge as fellow paint breeders will understand.

It is to this end that Rare Breeds Ranch continues to reach for it's goal, to surpass it's own and never cease to strive to breed better paints.
"Mr. Blackjack"
"MN Deal Me Aces"
"NTS Rtrippin Rebel"
"Mr. Ringo Starr"
"MNS Buckshot Leo"
"MNS Gold Dollar"

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