NTS Strippin Rebel - 
1400+ pounds, solidly bred black & white from our 34 year program.
Produces overos, tobinos and toveros.
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Mr. Ringo Starr - 
Loud Colored, Black/White
Tobiano, good head, extra heavy muscled.
MNS Buckshot Leo - 
A heavily muscled Buckskin
Tobiano stallion, he stands 14.1 hands tall, has a great disposition, and is bred to rein and cut.
MNS Iron Hawk - 
He is homozygous for the
Tobiano pattern, excellent disposition and a proven breeder.
MN Deal Me Aces - 
A top producer of black paints.  UC Davis tested non-lethal white producer.  Bloodlines of Larry Weiscamp Paints.
Mr. Blackjack - 
For a long time the leading sire of a number of registered black paint foals in the country.
MNS Gold Dollar - 
Both eyes are dark.  15.1 to 15.2 hands, muscular with good head and neck.  He introduced the Palomino color to our otherwise Black & White breeding program.
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